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The Most Successful Content Marketing Formats

4:27 pm, Sat, 10 December 16

The Most Successful Content Marketing Formats

A recent study by BuzzSumo reveals the top 6 types of content that attract massive engagement as measured by social shares and incoming links.

1. Practical guides and helpful content
2. In vogue and hot topics
3. Research and insights
4. Case studies
5. Infographics
6. Authoritative industry news

Every single one of these content marketing formats requires considerable effort to create. But as the study points out the payoff can be substantial.

As of this writing, I’m in the final stages of our landscape industry research study that required the better part of a week just to create the questionnaire. And the final report will easily consume that much time and more.

You may be wondering which of these content marketing formats offers the greatest payout for the least amount of effort.

My vote is for case studies.

Customer Interviews Provide Powerful Insights

After setting up your process the time investment is a 30-minute customer interview and the compilation of its results.

From it, you should have the following:

#1 – A great case study that validates your solutions

#2 – Customer backstories to use in marketing and selling situations

#3 – Useful quotes

#4 – Valuable testimonials

#5 – Keywords and trigger phrases that resonate with potential
buyers (and Google)

#6 – Insights about why your customers choose you

#7 – The top challenges your content marketing needs to address

#8 – Competitive information

#9 – Warm Leads to future customers now working with the competition

#10 – A stronger relationship with your customer

People will tell their story if you give them that opportunity. Some will share more than others but everyone eventually speaks their mind.

Listening is selling because it shows you care. It’s inviting your customers to tell you what will make them happier.

In the process, you are getting great marketing material to use for all of your channels, including that most crucial one known as your website.

If you’d like more on this I recently recorded a comprehensive podcast episode that will guide you through how to interview your customers while avoiding the common mistakes.