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Great accomplishments in business are seldom done by one person. They are the focused effort of a team aligned with a purpose.

Many business leaders reach a level where challenges hold them and their company back. It may be an unclear vision, unworkable systems, or simply the lack of a productive culture.

It has been said that within every obstacle is often another obstacle, and within that is an opportunity - the way out. Our coaching programs are designed to help you see every problem clearly to discover the path to growth.

Great leaders examine why they are stuck. Do these challenges sound familiar?

Setting goals and being accountable to them.

Building teams that talented people want to join.

Having time to relax and plan for the next day.

Training a marketing assistant to handle it all.

Streamlining operations to reduce downtime.

Improving communications with employees and vendors.

Move Your Leadership Skills To The Next Level With True Nature Coaching

Great leaders have a gift for hiring the most talented people but are often best known for creating a culture of innovation and excellence so they can prosper.

That’s what True Nature Coaching can do for you. We’ll help you fulfill your company’s mission by getting the most out of yourself and the talented people who share your vision.

Our Most Popular Coaching Programs

Leadership And Teambuilding Coaching

Leaders take their teams to a better place, but they cannot do it alone. By focusing on self-awareness, empathy, communication, vulnerability, and continuous learning, you can build stronger relationships with team members and inspire them to work towards common goals.

Our leadership coaching program will help you communicate your vision to help your team feel they are part of something bigger than their role. Everyone likes to win and be associated with winners. Together we can make that possible.

Business Operations And Systems Coaching

One of our clients thought she had adequate business systems until she lost what should have been a highly profitable lead. After a couple of sleepless nights, she came to realize their sales system was unclear, and so, they were often unprepared. That explained why this prospect abruptly walked out, and too many before him.

That was the beginning of our work together. We rebuilt predictable systems from the ground up that changed that business and its owner for the better. Perfecting their systems made the company more profitable, and equally important, it made delegation and training a joy for the owner. Give yourself the gift of Operations And Systems Coaching if you truly are ready to grow your business.

Marketing Strategy and Brand Coaching

Strategy and branding can be complex, yet highly productive and sustainable when they work as expected. Any business leader knows that he or she needs independent experts who can evaluate data and offer objective feedback.

Your business coach can help you see your business in a new light, offering fresh ideas and insights that may not be evident to you. Our clients find it invaluable for shaping and refining their brand and marketing strategy, thereby shortening the timeline for getting results.

Marketing Manager Training and Coaching

True Nature Marketing is a Certified Marketing Manager Coach. Our 6-month training program consists of modules comprised of roughly twenty lessons each. These are supported by dozens of templates that give your in-house marketing manager the tools he or she needs to build a complete marketing plan.

This program also includes monthly coaching calls, starting with the kick-off call, one for each module, and the most important, a final call to review the final marketing plan for your business. Hundreds of successful Certified Marketing Managers across North America speak favorably of this program’s value.

Work-Life Balance Coaching

Owning and operating a seasonal business has its inevitable highs and lows, such as more leads than you can handle one month and then struggling to cover payroll the next. True Nature founder, Jeff Korhan, experienced these challenges in the early stages of his contracting business.

Jeff discovered work-life balance by first learning meditation, and later becoming a Certified Wellness Instructor, teaching his employees and hundreds more from all ages and walks of life. He will design a program with tools and practices to refresh your physical and mental well-being for the people and environments where you live and work.

Coaching Program Resources

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