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Selling Process: Educate Buyers to Add Value and Reduce Risk

5:52 pm, Fri, 29 July 16

Selling Process: Educate Buyers to Add Value and Reduce Risk

Today I’m going to answer a question I received at a recent speaking engagement. My recommendation is that you use your media to do the same.

In addition to helping your subscribers and community members, you will gain new insights for better understanding their challenges.

Here’s the question.

“How can we stand out in selling situations when it is not always possible to share the details of how we successfully deliver for the customer? For example, when we are bidding through an architect or another company that owns the customer relationship.”

Here’s the short answer: Discover ways to add value and reduce risk.

Most important is to resist attempts to keep everything transaction oriented. This is the nature of the bidding process, but there are often ways around it.

Every buyer is different. And you will not know what they value unless you start probing. All you need in most situations is a small edge to tip the scales in your favor.

Your Selling Process Should be Educational

While many buyers use digital forms to solicit proposals that limit our ability to add value, you have to find a way. One is linking to information on your website or blog that tells the brand story of your process in action.

You want to show and tell with relevant and verifiable examples.

In this bidding situation, the seller should consider what is not in the bid that should be, because addressing that adds value. Where will others typically take shortcuts that will compromise the integrity of the final outcome?

Ideally, this should be reflected in your process.

Finally, what can and will your company do that was not requested, but that further adds value and reduces risk, thereby giving the buyer additional confidence? This often relates to what happens after the transaction that further nurtures relationships with everyone concerned until the next project comes along.

There is a goldmine of opportunities for adding value hiding in uncrowded places, such as after the sale. Showing up after the checks have cleared and customers have acknowledged their satisfaction is readily noticed and memorable.

You do not need a fancy CRM. Just set multiple reminders on your Google calendar and follow-up. Yes, you. Not your assistant.

Show you care. That combined with empathy is powerful in all selling situations.