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Marketing Workflow: How to Build Your Accountability System

4:59 pm, Fri, 23 September 16

Episode 25 of  Landscape Digital Show reveals how to design a marketing workflow system to get started with or reinvent your digital marketing.


Marketing Workflow: How to Build Your Accountability System

Last week we published an article entitled Marketing Systems: 3 Steps to Production Efficiency. This episode is going to build on that.

Workflow is the steps that must be taken to achieve desired results.

And those steps must be written out to achieve productivity gains. There is just no way around it.

The payoff is that experience and discipline leads to refinements in the workflow systems. New combinations are discovered, some activities are eliminated, and others are reorganized for greater efficiency.

So, let’s start with a simple model to get you started, or to reinvent your current marketing. Here it is:

1. Your difference:  This is your value proposition. It’s why people should care.
2. Your audience:  These are the people with the problems for which your value is the solution.
3. Your message:  This is your marketing. What is the message that will engage their attention, and which channels will you use to consistently distribute it?

As you execute your workflow steps you will get real good at finding places to save time.

At first, this will be like climbing a mountain, so you have to push to get the experience that leads to those productivity gains.

Show Notes

Here are some of the “materials” we discussed. Pulling these lists together is essential for streamlining your marketing workflow.

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Call to Action

Take as long as you need to work through the development of your marketing workflow foundation, your difference, audience, and message.

Build your material lists, calendars, and workflow steps. And choose one or two channels to master.

Finally, do the work of consistently implementing that workflow and refine those steps as you gain experience. Most important is to celebrate your successes. You’ve earned them.