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Content Marketing: Show You Are a Rock Star

4:01 pm, Sat, 1 October 16

Content Marketing: Show You Are a Rock Star

Traditional marketing and advertising tells buyers you understand them.

And market research proves that 9 out of 10 doctors agree. You remember those television advertising claims, don’t you?

Nobody cares anymore.

This is why consumers today ignore most marketing messages. Because it’s marketing.

At least as they’ve come to know marketing.

There is hope.

You can earn the attention of customers and prospective buyers if you embrace content marketing, which doesn’t feel like marketing at all to most people because it shows instead of tells. 

Be The Rock Star of Your Category

Chief Strategy Officer for Content Marketing Institute, Robert Rose, suggests that instead of telling your audience you are a rock star, you should use content marketing to show them you are a rock star.

And that’s a great way to position content marketing. It’s not so much about the company and what it’s selling, but the intent of the people within the organization.

Rock stars can magically attract an audience, seemingly with little effort. That’s because being a rock star is not about trying but doing.

It’s not easy but it works. Your body of content shows your audience that you understand and care about them.

If you want to quietly call that marketing, go ahead.

Rock Stars Put On a Show

Rock stars turn people on. They know their audience and how to make meaningful connections with them.

As a business owner or marketer, your rock star qualities are evident from the empathy that you show for your audience.

For example, Whirlpool, the appliance company, recently launched its “Every Day, Care” campaign, which includes content about a dad taking better care of his son. It shows they understand their customers.

Aligned with this campaign is Care Counts, an initiative in which the brand supplies laundry appliances to schools with kids in need. As the name suggests, this campaign shows Whirlpool cares.

“Whirlpool is trying to stand out in its category by standing for more than clean clothes,” according to Advertising Age.

What they are really doing is creating content that gives them the opportunity to have conversations with their customers about something that has nothing to do with what they selling.

It’s a showing of empathy and understanding.

Now go out there and put on a rock star show to lead your category.