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Compelling Headlines: The 2 Ways to Get Audience Attention

1:53 pm, Sat, 10 September 16

Episode 22 of Landscape Digital Show reveals the simple 2 part framework for writing compelling headlines that get the attention of your audience. 

Compelling Headlines: The 2 Ways to Get Audience Attention

After literally thousands of blog posts, hundreds of podcasts, and who knows how many social media posts, I can honestly say that writing compelling headlines is getting easier.

But it’s never easy.

If you write a lot of headlines and study your analytics you will learn what gets the attention of your audience. It gets easier with experience.

In my opinion, you there are only two types of headlines. You may disagree, but go with me on this and you’ll have a simple framework for creating more headlines that work.

The Two Headline Types

#1.  A promise to solve a problem

Headlines that educate and inform promise to solve a problem. That may not be what they call it, but that’s what it is.

This may be keeping up with the neighbors, impressing a date, getting out of trouble, or satisfying a desire. These are the problems that companies exist to solve.

Educational headlines offer tips and advice. You probably know these them best as “how–to” headlines. And for greater impact, the tips and advice are often numbered.

These are some of the most successful headlines because that is the most common type of search query.

#2. A promise to inspire or entertain

Some people may not yet be ready for a solution. Instead, they are looking for some guidance or inspiration. And that inspiration may be entertaining too.

Headlines that promise to inspire usually may also offer practical advice, but their true purpose is to bait people to click and discover something interesting.


Show Notes

In this episode, we examined the following headlines in detail.

We discussed:

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